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Bek-Jean’s storytelling skill really hits its stride in this moody, compelling and cinematic love story detailing the creation and disintegration of a family.


Amos v Ann relates the tale of two lovers who come together to travel a very hard road. They share early bliss, from which arise two children, before the rot sets in, ending in tragedy. When Ann leaves the relationship, Amos reacts violently, then must deal with the guilt, beautifully presented by Bek-Jean in the album’s final song, Epitaph. It is Ann’s funeral march, but it is Amos’s as well; his living death, presented on the album as a reprise of the first track.


As always, Bek-Jean’s rich, layered voice confounds the listener’s ears with complexity, whilst carrying them through a complex emotional landscape.


Recorded live, with minimal overdubs, Amos v Ann boasts a full, raw sound spanning a range of instrumentation and a maturing depth of songwriting; a landmark in Bek-Jean’s continuing musical career.

Amos v Ann

  • "Bek-Jean's words are stark and desolate, whilst being utterly rich and heartfelt and transports one to the place inside the song" - Q Music.

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