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Stewart describes her new album Songs from the North (2019) as a response to:


the push me / pull you of a fucked-up, ultimately destructive love. Sometimes, I fear that the only way I can truly love someone is to walk away, and love them from a distance.


Grant Shanahan’s expert musicality is also showcased on this record. His skill is heard on drum tracks that hark back to the ‘80s, while his innovative layering of string sounds creates a complex soundscape.


Glenn Thomson, who played piano and synth sounds, writes of playing on the record:


I ended up at a light night dance party where, for a small cover charge, I was drugged and then encouraged to dive deep into Smithdom, but not before just saying no to any further offerings.


The songs on this album are emotionally raw. The authenticity of Stewart's songwriting burns through in tracks as diverse as 'Red Light', with its angry lyrics and hard-hitting musical arrangement, and 'Driving 'Round In The Dark', which harks back to Stewart's early pop sensibilities.



  1. Red Light
  2. Bells From My Heart
  3. No Song Is Heard No Words Are Spoken
  4. If I Wander Into The Darkness
  5. Come To Me My Love
  6. Your Truth Will Bring You Back
  7. Trouble Is Where We Reside
  8. Towards The Ruin
  9. Men In Their Jackets
  10. Driving 'Round In The Dark
  11. Love Me Like You Got Nothing Left To Lose

Songs From The North

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