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Bek-jean’s second solo album was released through Laughing Outlaw in August 2010. 'Winter Summer' is a collection of songs that court the idea of an album as a whole organism.
The evolution of Bek-jean’s songwriting progresses throughout the album as she arrives, at its conclusion, to her maturing, authentic voice as a storyteller.

Winter Summer Suburban Exile

  • Winter, Summer Suburban Exile is a journey exploring freedom versus restraint, raw and unapologetic in its coverage of such complex terrain.
    With an emphasis on vocal clarity, the music is allowed to serve as a fertile background for the narrative. The album spans from anthemic songs, with 'St Marys’ Bells' and 'Henson Park Skies', through darker times with 'No Sunrise, No Sunset' and 'Diving Bell', to the lightly romantic 'Money Never Spent on Romance' and 'Only One of You'.

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