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You Were Humming Our SongBek-Jean Stewart
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Song Without A VoiceBek-Jean Stewart
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We Share The Same NameBek-Jean Stewart
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I WIsh I Was Mary GaitskillBek-Jean Stewart
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Human FrailtiesBek-Jean Stewart
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Bek-Jean Stewart’s 6th studio offering ‘Fierce Attachments’ delivers an impressive 18 song collection marked by their characteristic Americana flair. The double album, recorded at Leisure Suit Studios with long-time collaborator and engineer Grant Shanahan, is a remarkable collection of women’s stories bringing to focus the uniquely feminine struggles to find their place in society, and the daily battle faced by ordinary women living in a seemingly unchanging male dominated society.


"This is not an album for the feebly interested or the half committed. It is certainly not an album about the feebly interested or the half committed, and these songs burn as fiercely as the characters within. And maybe for longer, given this is an 18-track double album with more staying power than your average British PM.

Griffin and Springsteen, along with Lucinda Williams and Mary Gauthier, are the four musical and lyrical corners of Stewart’s songs. Roughhewn at times, but actually carefully structured, these are songs in the key of Americana: the open nature of folk, the search for the poetic in the prosaic of country, and the preparedness to walk on the edge of some kind of grandeur that rumbles within both soul and rock ‘n’ roll."  - Bernard Zoul - Music Journalist

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Recorded at Leisure Suit Studios – July 2020 to Feb 2021
Engineered by Grant Shanahan
Mixed at Leisure Suit Studios by Grant Shanahan and Bek-Jean Stewart
Mastered by William Bowden @ King Willy Sound
All songs written by Bek-Jean Stewart copyright © 2022
Photos by Jay Black
Costumes by Amanda Fairbanks

Produced by Society For The Lost Independent Records


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